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We see a lot of hardware here at SBI…

But this all-in-one Android barcode scanner really got our attention.

The first thing you notice about the PL43 is it’s rugged look & feel. The tire-tread grip really sets it apart from the other scanners out there. Despite its solid appearance, it’s extremely lightweight—perfect for extended use on the greenhouse floor. But it’s more than just a cool-looking gadget.

The built-in 2D barcode scanner has rapid barcode acquisition regardless of orientation of the handheld. Translation? The barcodes and scanner don’t have to be perfectly straight or aligned to scan. Point the PL43 at a barcode and it’ll scan it, making inventory go even faster.

This Android-based unit also works on cell networks. So if WiFi is an issue for your facility, you’re in luck.

This unit works with most all of SBI’s Any Device apps. Inventory Control, Picking & Shipping App, Rack Scanning, Wireless Sales… any app that scans will work.


Here’s SBI’s Brian Ragsdale putting a new barcode scanner through its paces, making sure it’s greenhouse-ready.

So, to sum up:

• Rugged
• Lightweight
• Omnidirectional
• Cell network-ready

The icing on the cake? For a limited time, the Android PL43 is available at a lower price than comparable devices. SBI is introducing this unit at $995. You’d expect these features to come with a much heftier price tag. These will go fast and availability is limited, so act fast.

Email us or give us a call, we’ll get you set up: 503.248.2159


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