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One of our company goals for 2016 is to improve our support. That’s easy to say, but what does it mean day to day?

First and foremost we want our customers to know that we have their back. SBI has been adding resources both in the office and online so customers can always get the help they need. Here are a few of the ways we’re enhancing your support options.

Meet the Incoming Support Team. Whether you’re getting a full SBI system or adding a new module, during the implementation stage you work with an implementation specialist. But once a system or a new feature is live, what then? Now, when you need help you’ll work with the Incoming Support Team—clockwise from bottom left: Kevin, JR, Tim Morita, Matt, and Greta. Once your new software goes live, this is the team responsible for getting you comfortable with it on a day-to-day basis.

Release Notes. Expanding our online resources is another major push. Want to learn more about the different SBI version releases? Log in to the Client Tool and read the Release Notes. They list all the additions and changes to every version of SBI.

Glossary. You know how some growers call them racks while others call them carts? We’re creating a Glossary so everyone is on the same page. Want to check a term? Just scroll through. And please reach out to suggest additions! we’re adding to it every day.

Help Docs. Everyone who uses SBI knows about our help docs. We have hundreds of informative tutorials and we add to the total every week. You can log in and search through the Help Documentation archive here, or check the New Help Doc List in the Public to Customers Folder.

Public to Customers Folder. In addition to the Glossary and the New Help Doc list, the Public to Customers Folder holds case studies, brochures, and other kids of documents. Feel free to have a look.

We’re working to make sure your support experience is positive. Got an idea how we can improve? Email us and let us know.

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