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Name: Billy Allison

How long have you been with SBI?

Three Years —Since April of 2013, where I started out on the front lines of support.

In which part of the SBI system do you specialize?                  

I am a product owner of MofuMobi applications, Racking, Replenishment, Pay by Scan, Vendor Managed Inventory and just about all things Box Store Supplier.

I am an implementation manager as well as a product owner. So if you fit my expertise or work within products I specialize in, I’m excited to learn your business and work with you.

What’s the most common question you get about the system?

I field a lot of questions internally for both the SBI Support and Development teams about customers business processes, and the SBI Package. I like to think that I help bridge the gap between the SBI Team and SBI’s customers with unique and intricate business processes.

Anytime a question comes up more than a few times, it usually means that something isn’t clear enough – Meaning it’s time to redesign and make it easier.

What one tip or trick would you want every user to know?

In SBI: I’d like every user to know how advanced filtering and advanced options can be used to make updating data easier. The new Triumph screens in SBI have seriously opened up opportunities to use functionalities like this.

Go to a grid -> Filter for your selection -> Use select all button -> Mass Update

In General: I’d like every user to know how to take screen capture when a problem comes up. Quick and accurate communication is the key to any successful software project.

What is your favorite word?

I don’t like picking favorites, but… From Henry David Thoreau’s Walking –  Saunter.. or Sans Terre

What is your least favorite word?

Can I pick a least favorite phrase? I think it’s ‘On the Same Page.’

The biggest shortcoming in communication is believing that it actually happened. (to paraphrase)

Favorite hobby/sport/activity?

I love technology, automation and information. In my free time, I like building programs and discovering how things work. I especially like Node.JS applications, and building software on Raspberry PI’s.                

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Captain of a whaling ship. Like Captain Ahab. Or maybe just stick with software…

What one thing should people know about you?

I’m from New Jersey, but don’t hold it against me.


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