Analytics & Business Intelligence

First In Class Analytics

Interactive reporting & analytics complete with data filtering and drill down. This means 1 single report serves as 5-6 reports in total, saving you valuable time. Users can quickly and easily drill down to any level detail as needed.

Customizable Business Intelligence

Instantly get sales history analysis and operational awareness with the standard SBI Business Intelligence Plugin:

    • Sales History: YTD Comparison to LYTD
    • Inventory & Availability
    • Open Orders
    • Sipping Forecasts & Logistics
    • Production
    • Exports of dashboards and common data:
      • Customers, vendors, inventory, catalogs & more

SBI Analytics bolts onto any data source: SAP, Oracle, Sage, Excel, Access, and more.

Uncover opportunities in your business

Our new easy to use tool within SBI delivers actionable and editable data at your fingertips. Explore historical data from multiple sources. Build custom dashboards, share data, and more all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Out-deliver, and outsmart your competition by better understanding your competitive advantages in the market.


Drive the strategy of your organization with visual dashboards and reporting. Quickly monitor what is most important to you, and easily export and share the actionable data with your teams.

Smart alerts enable you to build strategic dashboards, and automatically receive updates via text, email, or in app notifications.


Operating in a black box is never the right answer. SBI Analytics will help you quickly and easily dig in to data with custom reporting and trends analysis.

Our dashboards are interactive and easy to navigate.

Data driven. Customer centric.


Projecting trends and data into the future will help you and your team be proactive.

Instead of adjusting to market shifts after the fact, let us help you drive change and growth with data you can trust.



Analytics Key Features

Custom Dashboards

  • Copy standard dashboard change and save option
  • Build your own custom reports using drag and drop
  • Save for specific user groups to see or not see

Smart Alerts & Exports

  • Trigger sending of dashboards or relevant information via text, email or in app notifications
  • Send PDF, PNG, Excel document
  • Automate sending of reporting to your team

Connect additional data sources:

  • Link analytics to another software system or database and report live in dashboards
  • Mash up data from both systems into one dashboard

Standard SBI Dashboards included:

  • Sales History
  • Operational Production
  • Operational Open orders
  • Operational Inventory Live & Availability
  • Operational Logistics
  • Master data for Customers, Vendors, inventory & catalog