Do you want to ship more so you can leave at 7pm instead of 11pm?

Do you want to ship more so you can leave at 7pm instead of 11pm? We build tools that get you home for dinner. Check ’em out.

Watch Color Point in action. Check out the Color Point Order Fulfillment Time-Lapse Video.

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Mobi Merchandiser

Mobi Merchandiser

Mobi Merchandiser is a mobile app and management tool for planning recurring store visits and tasks, picture requirements, and automating buyer reporting.

Merchandising reps use the mobile app to view daily and weekly store visits, execute in-store tasks, and snap pictures where needed. It is entirely GPS-driven, with automated check-in/check-out upon arriving/leaving store locations. The new app complements the existing 20 mobile apps already in use by SBI clients.

Field testing begins in late May and the app goes live for all clients June 30th.

Rack Kitting

Rack Kitting

If you’re not rack kitting then you are not maximizing your profits.

Rack kitting reduces the costs of order fulfillment.

Streamline your order fulfillment and lower your costs. Add rack kits to orders, just as you would any other product.

Increase your daily and weekly shipping capacity.

VMI/PBS Mobile App

VMI/PBS Mobile App

Manage your PBS store inventory live on a phone, tablet or PC.

Count inventory, dump inventory, and see incoming shipments in addition to seven days of scan data and sales.

Clients who manage their store inventory using the VMI / PBS Mobile App in-store see their replenishment results and scan percent dramatically improve.

Home Depot PO Compare Tool

Home Depot Compare Tool

Speed up your process, reduce labor, and decrease errors with the Home Depot (HD) PO Compare Tool.

How does it work?

Reps write store orders on SBI Remote Orders, on a HD terminal. This order syncs live back to SBI TRIUMPH Order entry. SBI Remote Orders is an approved app for use on the Home Depot Network. The reps then generate a HD PO at the SKU level on the HD software system. This PO later comes into SBI TRIUMPH via EDI Cloud and compares to the variety-based order that was written by reps on SBI Remote Orders. The Tool automatically tells them where their quantities are off by SKU versus varieties within that SKU. It tells them where to adjust.

As this Tool evolves, we will be able to automate adjusting the variety-based order to the PO.

EDI Cloud

EDI Cloud

There is no need for third-party EDI software; EDI Cloud is built into TRIUMPH. Lower your EDI VAN costs and connect directly to your trading partner. Get POS reporting delivered daily.

Our software already connects to big box stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, ALDI, Menards, OSH, and many more.

Replenishment Suggested Orders

Replenishment/Suggested Orders

No other system on the market uses store sales data, rack optimization, and live inventory in one execution.

Auto-generate store orders based on weeks on hand, store inventory, rack optimization with shelf / rack rounding and live POS 852 data.

NEW PBS Reporting

PBS Retail Reporting

Keep current on what’s selling and have improved reporting on your PBS accounts.

SBI has released a new reporting engine and new PBS retail reports.

PBS retail reports is now a standard set of reports built just for Home Depot.

Costco POS Reporting

Costco POS Reporting

Ship the right product at the right time. Compare Costco PO’s to POS retail reporting; request changes to Costco PO’s.

Import the Excel sales file from your Costco buyer and use the data to drive new orders.

Trust your reporting. Use sensible precaution and get Costco fulfillment in real time.






EDI Cloud with Live Box Stores

EDI Cloud is already connected to the following trading partners.

















You’ve only see a fraction of the features that SBI offers. Contact us today for information on how we can help streamline your process.